Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Romantic Idea

10 Commandments of Love

1. Give 100% of yourself at all times.
2. Treat your partner as the unique individual that he/she truly is.
3. Stay connected through your word and actions.
4. Accept change and support growth in both yourself and your partner.
5. Live your love.
6. Share the love, fear, work, and play.
7. Listen to your mate.
8. Honor the subtle wisdom of the heart and listen to the powerful insights of the mind.
9. Do not be a jerk or a nag.
10. Integrate the purity of spiritual love with the passion of physical love and the power of emotional love.

Red red roses that fill the room with its undeniable lovely fragrance, one that’s indeed of beauty and easily allures just anybody around.

A soft candle lit dinner, heart shaped balloons hung where it fits best, chocolates and flowing music all set to fill your senses and allow you to merge on through the night.

The breezy weather outside suitably fits your mood as the wind softly blows the curtains. The serenading wind blows and you can see stars shinning their brightest. And then right beside you, the person you have given your heart to , looks at you with such love in his eyes like he has never loved another, like he has never seen one as beautiful as you.

I pictured this perfect dinner setting with two lovebirds in my mind. I think its pretty romantic and perhaps it would be a less ordinary occasion for any couple. Yet my idea of romance is more than just candle lit dinners, its just not a perfect night of saying ‘I love you’s’ and savoring a single day of happiness. Maybe moments like these are necessary because they give us a lift, an extraordinary feeling and it certainly tells us that sometimes its important to spend quality time together.

Romancing is just not an affair that you keep for the sake of it and not because you are scared to be alone. Its that love in your heart for a person that takes you beyond your horizons and farer than you can imagine.

A perfect romance is loving wholeheartedly without any reservations. It is accepting each other just the way he or she is,it is tolerating each others’ temper and the things you don’t always agree to. It is trusting and being honest.It is having dreams of a life together.

Romancing is doing things for each other and never having to ask the other person to repay you back. My whole idea of romance comes down to love because love is the reason why it all began and it is this driving force that is going to stand the test of time.

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