Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ways to get rid of one night stands:

One night stands are strange moments where you get carried away and realize the blunder later. It is not an appropriate thing to do and sometimes you might never get out of it too! The trend of having one night stands and then forgetting it overall is not possible in many cases, especially women. There are many people who believe that one night stands are fun, making love, fascinating and without relationship responsibilities but it has complications if you don't handle carefully.

So, if you had one night stand and want to get rid of the one night partner then here are simple ways to deal with and get rid of night stands.

Ways to get rid of one night stands:

Before you get rid of one night stands, be very nice and polite. A rude behavior after getting things done is very disrespecting for the partner. Even though you want to get rid of the night stand, a polite and respectful behavior will maintain your impression on the partner.
One of the most common ways to get rid of night stands is by leaving quietly from the room/ house without waking up the partner.

Talk directly and remind your partner that you are not giving any signal to hang on! Appreciate the partner by telling that you had fun last night and end up saying that you don't expect complications especially 'emotional one'. This way you don't get the burden of carrying a new unwanted relationship and smartly deal with night stands.

Sometimes, the partner can ask you to hang out indirectly by saying that he/she wants to know you better and would like to meet again. To deal with such night stands, just give a close ended answer without letting a conversation start. Say that you want to leave now and just end up with your answer.
To show that you are not interested and want to get over night stand, talk less. Try to avoid him/her and the presence in your room. Greet each other in the morning but involve yourself in your regular work so that the partner comes to know that you are not interested.

If the gentle talking and explanation doesn't work, just leave the house! You can be a little rude if the partner has demands after one night stand!

Take help of your friend. Call the friend home to make the partner leave. You can also ask the friend to call if you are not at your place. Make an excuse and leave to get over night stand.

One night stands are not planned as it happens suddenly. Be prepared to face the next morning and don't forget to be strong if you want to get rid of night stands!