Sunday, January 2, 2011

Slow Dating: the new form of dating

Breaking up a long-term relationship can be very intimidating and depressing. No matter how experienced you are in a dating game, a long-term relationship might throw you out of rhythm. You need to take things slowly for a little while, for you may not be comfortable to advance in a dating, even if you feel you are ready. While you walk your path of a single, there are few things you need to take a note before you go dating again.

Four reasons why you should go slow dating to be successful in your next dates.

1. Your confidence has reduced. Even if you insists that your confidence is not affected by the break-up, when your long-term relationship ended, your confidence is disrupted, no matter who were the one to call things off. Sometimes you might feel that you are full of confidence to go out and date anyone new, but really, it's only an escape from the real problem. Takes thing slowly, because confidence needs time to be rebuild.

2. Don't rush into love. A break-up can make you vulnerable to someone new. Heart break and pain causes your mind to quickly tells you that you have find better love than before. Do not rush, because it's all purely chemistry, not feeling. A chemistry comes in perfectly when you are in stable condition, not in a vulnerable state.

3. Avoid rebound relationship. You feel something is missing after the break-up, and it's the intimacy you have with your ex, either emotional or physical. You are helplessly want to recapture the intimacy and dive to deep into a rebound relationship. No one wants to be in your rebound relationship. Things might go worst and you'll miss the joy of your future dating prospect. Be slow, be tough, the day will come when you think clear.

4. Think with your heart. Your brain might convinced you that you must go out there and start dating someone new, specially when you know that your ex already doing it. Consult your heart, do you ready for it? It needs time to recover your heart from the loss. Forcing somebody into your heart will not only harm you, but the other person also. If it happened, you are ruining your future dating prospect.

The latest trend in Paris: dinner for singles in a chick environment. This is called Slow Dating: the new form of dating, love, friendship or just a different kind of evening. Is a new way to link with glamour that has come to Spain. And even those who are not at least say a lot of fun spending time in Spain there is about 8 million singles and those interested in finding a partner, and have a new way of doing it. It's called Slow Dating triumphs in Paris.

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