Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man End up with heartbreak and an empty wallet.

When a man finds a woman attractive, he will usually do anything that he can to make her want to be with him. As a result of all of his efforts, he usually ends up watching her walk away with another guy. This can make you wonder.

How to attract a women?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to know how to attract women:
You have to learn some things from experience. Don't allow your lack of knowledge or success with women hold you back from gaining experience.
Get out there and find a woman and do what you can to make her feel attracted to you. The best teacher is usually a little life experience,

Don't try to buy her affection. This is about the worst thing that you can do.
Most guys will fall into this trap, this money pit. Instead of trying to win a woman over with his personality, most guys will try to spend money on her in hopes that it will somehow sway her affection their way. All end up with is a heartbreak and an empty wallet.

She needs to see YOU as a man that other women want. This is often overlooked, but very important. If a woman thinks that no other woman out there really wants to be with you, she will lose her attraction for you very quickly. You have to serve her up with some social proof that there are other women out there.
Let her catch you flirting once in a while. Nothing that crosses the line. Just enough to show her that you ARE an in demand man and that other women do find you attractive.

No difference between romance and sex. Completely wrong notion. Romance can, in the least, is a precursor to sex. If a person becomes romantic, with only sex in mind, he will soon meet his Waterloo. Consider romance as a mere “mental foreplay”. It helps you to inform your loved one what your feelings are and that you have taken care to express your feelings.

If you have been dating awhile and he hasn't committed to you yet then something is up. A commitment should come after a reasonable amount of time and after developing the relationship so far. This is especially true if your relationship includes physical intimacy.

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Love Message in a Bottle said...

Yah ! this is true that there is no need to spend money to win her. But why I always feel almost women demand money. She always expect something interesting gift for her. I think spending money is ethically wrong not practically.I am totally agree with you at this point, you are saying that sex and romance are very different.