Sunday, December 20, 2009

First impressions is the best impression

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Going on a Date for the first time should be carefully planned. single are always dream of there first Date to build love, romance and relationship to grow.

The First dates are generally fairly awkward affairs, but if you do it right, you stand a good chance of getting another one. Here is a list of hints and tips to help you prepare.

First impressions is the best impression. You do not want to look like you're trying too hard, but you do not want to look like you have just come from a football match either. Shave, shower, and put on clean, smart clothes, and you will not go far wrong.

Punctuality is key. Turning up late will create such a bad impression that it hardly bears thinking about. In fact, you will be lucky if she does not just up and leave after waiting for five minutes or more. Do not be too early, though, as this will look desperate.

A little chivalry goes a long way. If you treat your date like a lady, she will be more inclined to think you are a gentleman. Be polite, open doors for her, and offer to pay for the date. However, if she insists on going Dutch, do not put up a fight.

Compliment her on her appearance. Your date probably spent a bit of time getting ready, so you should tell her straight off that she looks the business. Give her a few more compliments over the course of the evening, but not too many or you may come across as a bit of a creep.

Encourage her to talk about herself. Ask her questions about herself, and listen carefully to the answers so that you can follow up. You should avoid being too probing, though, and you should try not to talk about yourself too much.

Have some aces up your sleeve. Too many awkward silences can ruin a date, so make sure that you have some conversation ready to fill up any gaps in the dialogue. Stick to light hearted, humorous stuff, and whatever you do, do not talk about your ex girlfriends.

Do not leave her hanging. At the end of the date, be sure to thank her for the fantastic time you had with her, even if you did not really enjoy it. However, you should only tell her that you are going to call her for another date if you really mean it. If you do not want to see her again, you should sign off with a good night and a smile.

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