Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adhere to the love - BOY & GIRL

Adhere to the love  GIRLS

  if you have him, pleases you as little as possible to let him jealous.

You should order all the boys he refused the request, just to the point of his peace of mind.
  if you have him, you loyal to him.

 if you have him, please do not take someone else's good to compare with him, although his mouth does not speak, but he was growling. Since you have chosen him, not to find fault with his little weaknesses, he would have his own way to love you, because he is him.

 if you have him, please spare his statue in front of friends made, since that time the only other joke is that you, not him. 

 if you have him do great things you should talk to him to get better before, though you are his "leadership", but he also led the other half .......

 if you have him, you kick the ball to his face when he wiped the sweat. This is better than he is willing to go with  difficult for you to tie his shoe.

 If you have him, you would say: "Honey, we have to work hard for our future work together!"

 if you have him, give him after he was drunk a glass of milk or a cup of honey to prepare, and then let him sleep quickly after wiping. Instead he kept calling him a drunk.

 if you love him, you think of ways to help him quit smoking, and not to throw him cigarettes.
  if you love him, please reply to his message or telephone, because you see you do not know if he was worried about how much and miss .....


Adhere to the love  BOYS

 if you have her, please do not be ambiguous with other women. If she has this, you will like it?

 if you have her, please do not monitor her all the time, not constantly annoying like to ask where she is. Some things do not ask much, and do not control much, because everyone has their own space, even if the couple is. You have to believe her loyalty to you ....... 

 if you have her, please remember all the love of her, remember her every wish, remember the taste of her, remember she did not eat anything, remember that she was allergic to anything, remember what she was afraid, She remembered the pain, not only to remember her birthday and remembering her family's birthday .....( cannot remember if my mind to write in a book) (best set to bank card password). .......

  if you have her, do not look at those old roadside beauty, at least not in time with her to see 

  if you have her, when she needs you as soon as possible back to her side because she needs your shoulder. Even if you cannot reach, no matter how busy was to return a text message or telephone.

  if you have her, please her sad when you give him a shoulder (not Pareto), then you can coax a child the same as patting her gently, said: "My dear, you have me, I am, forever Do not be afraid ......"

  if you have him, please do not put a self-righteous stink face, not too macho. Love is equal, a real understanding and mutual understanding son.

  if you have her, please remember all of her commitments, as said, do not abandon.

  if you have her, please you have been holding her hand, do not easily loose, give her happiness!

  if you have her, when she did not pay attention to your feelings because, while the other boys broke into boisterous play for a long time to find you after the apology, please do not blame her, you just say: "Honey, no matter how far you go as long as you finally come back to me on the line ....."

  if you have her, please let her happy every day.

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